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Georgia Expo is the largest manufacturer of Pipe and Drape in the United States, celebrating 30 years in business. We are known in the event and trade show industry as the experts on how to decorate and define space using Pipe & Drape.   What separates us from a lot of the other companies out there is that we actually build the products right here in the US, if you come to our factory you’ll see drill presses, punch presses, and sewing machines, if you go to our competitors you’ll see the boxes the product came in from overseas. We pair this capability with the quickest turnaround time in the business, knowledgeable and friendly staff and the best prices around to bring you quality products, designed to make your business money!

In our machine shop, we make items for stock, including products like Uprights, Bases, Drape Supports, Telescoping Uprights, Pins, Easels, Crowd Control Stanchions, Sign Hooks and Base Weights. In our sewing department, we make all fabric goods to order and specialize in the same day or next day turn around while producing Trade show curtains, decorative Drape, Table Skirting, Theatric Drapes, Stage Skirting and Table Clothes as well as Dye Sublimated fabrics. All of our storage carts are also welded and powder coated on site and we even have a whole table department where we handcraft Expo Tables.


The Highest Quality
Pipe and Drape Products

Looking for pipe and drape in an assortment of colors, a variety of sizes AND more durability? We got you covered! With our pipe and drape, you can create or transform a space, wow your audience, and use it again for years to come. When purchasing your inventory directly from Georgia Expo, you are guaranteed the highest quality products, straight from the manufacturer.

U.S. Manufacturer of
Pipe and Drape

We know events pop up last minute and you won’t always have long lead time available for your projects. That is why you need a U.S. manufacturer who can get your pipe and drape order assembled, shipped and delivered to you as quickly as possible, so you can meet even the most unrealistic deadlines.

Best Possible Prices

If we are not saving you time AND money, we are not doing our jobs. Since we control the manufacturing process from raw goods to finished products, we’re able to sell our products at the most competitive prices. Throw in free shipping, for online purchases of $100 or more, and you have pipe and drape that looks great, is within your budget, and is delivered to you quickly.