More of What You Want, Less of What You Don’t

Seems like a pretty simple concept right? In general, this should be a goal of all businesses, but we’ve recently launched a new effort to dig deep and work with our customers to make our business and your experience even better. We are currently conducting interviews with interested customers – two from each industry we […]

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Georgia Expo Expands Table Factory

Georgia Expo’s newest addition? We recently added staff, increased capability, and created a dedicated table department to our operations! The crew handles every step of the process, from the cutting of raw materials to branding, to final assembly. We’re excited because we can devote more attention to and increase the quantity of production of The […]

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table strip stapled

How to Remove All Staples from Your Table

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever struggled with getting staples out of your expo table! When you have to attach skirting around an entire table, there is currently no better way than stapling. However, if you don’t quickly remove those staples after your show the edge of your table will eventually become damaged. Well, […]

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Storage and Transportation Blog Post

Storage and Transportation: The Next Step in Pipe and Drape

So you’ve purchased pipe and drape, and now you have an inventory on hand and it is ready to go. Maybe you’re using it in in-house for a variety of purposes, maybe you’re renting it out to your customers. Either way, having a convenient, safe, and effective way to store and transport your investment can […]

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