Build Your Own Kit

Build Your Own Pipe and Drape Kit

The freedom to design a backdrop is entirely in your hands with this anything-goes kit.  You can pick from any style upright, matching the base, drape support, and drape to pull together the perfect PIpe and Drape Kit for your application.

Follow the step-by-step directions below to build your perfect kit.  From there, review your order and edit any quantities or selections before hitting the ADD TO CART button to purchase.

Drape panels are not automatically included in the kit and must be selected.



This Pipe and Drape Kit is designed for the experienced Pipe and Drape user as a quick and easy way to purchase everything you need for your backdrop from one product page.  You have the freedom to pick each component of your kit from every option we have available.  Unlike our other pre-designed kits, you input the quantities of each item needed.

How does it work?

  1. First, you’ll select your Upright.  The Upright is the vertical pole that determines the height of your set up.  We have several styles here to choose from: fixed, non-adjustable height uprights to telescoping Uprights up to 25’ft H.  They are listed in order of height options and order of durability from standard to our ultra-professional Ulimate™ options for the real Draping Professional.
  2. Once your Upright is selected, you will move on to the Base tab. Based on the Upright and Upright Height you select, you will next be presented with all the Base Plates that will pair with that selection. Hint: Generally, you’ll add the same quantity bases to your kit as Uprights.
  3. Next, you will pick your Drape Support.  This is the horizontal bar that you string your drape panels onto.  Most of our options are telescoping options giving you multiple width configurations on one Drape Support, but we do offer a few break-apart and portable options here that open to a fixed width.
  4. The last step is picking out your drape.  This tab is optional, meaning you can just add the hardware components to your cart without adding the drape if you already have that in stock.  Based on the Upright you picked on Tab One, you will be presented with all our fabric types and corresponding heights based on the Upright height selection you made in Step One.
  5. Lastly, you will review your kit. From here you can adjust quantities or go back and change selections before adding the Pipe and Drape kit into your cart.

Here’s a helpful guide to show how many pieces you may need:  PDF on inline vs. freestanding backdrops to make sure you get the appropriate amount of hardware.

Are you getting stuck?  We can absolutely accommodate! Chat with us during our business hours or give us a quick call at 800-433-9767 and one of our sales reps will be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for or create a custom kit for you.



Build Your Own Pipe and Drape Kit Tutorial Video