Drape and Fabric

Drape or fabric is arguably the most important component of pipe and drape and other event equipment such as table skirting, stage skirting, and more. Your choice of fabric will be your background medium, means for masking or hiding equipment, or the biggest attention-grabbing element of your setup. So in essence, fabric type matters!

Check out the products on this page to view Georgia Expo’s drape and fabric types. More information on choosing the right fabric can be found by scrolling below the products.

Drapes for Pipe and Drape, Trade Show Booths, and More

Banjo Drape is the industry standard for trade shows using pipe and drape, while Poly Premier Drape is quickly becoming the popular alternative. Performance Velour Drape is a higher-end fabric with a luxurious look and feel with the added benefits of being 100% blackout, lightweight, and washable.

Backdrop Drapes for Weddings and Other Events

Sheer Drape is the go-to fabric type for weddings due to its beauty, translucence, and other properties. Sheer fabric can be used as backdrop drapes for weddings, wall drapes for weddings, or even as ceiling swag. It’s also an amazing fabric to use for wedding uplighting.

Blackout Drapes

Blackout drapes are used in a number of applications where the masking of light is desired. Duvetyne drape is a popular choice in the Audio-Visual industry and although it is semi-blackout, its inexpensive costs make it viable even as a one-time use fabric if needed. Commando Drape is the popular choice for a full blackout drape, and it is a lighter weight and a lower cost alternative to Velour. Performance Velour Drape remains the top choice for a 100% blackout fabric in any available color.