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Drape Panels

Poly Premier Drape

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Drape Panels

Poly Stretch™ Drape


Drape Panels

Duvetyne Drape (12oz)


Drape Panels

Banjo Drape


Ceiling Drape Panels

Ceiling Drape Panel – Sheer


Drape Panels

Sheer (Voile) Drape


Drape Panels

Commando Drape (16oz)



Fabric Sample Book


At Georgia Expo, we sew to order a massive selection of drape panels made from a variety of fabrics. Drape panels are the star of any pipe and drape system, as they give your set up color, background medium, as well as define the space. Depending on the usage, we stock a huge assortment of different fabrics and colors for your application. Banjo Drape and Poly Premier Drape are popular in the trade show industry. Sheer Drape, Poly Stretch™ Drape, and Poly Knit Drape are frequently used at parties and events, and Performance Velour™ Drape and Duvetyne Drape are must-haves for churches, stage backdrops, and the Production Industry. Please chat with us today for help picking the perfect Drapes for your next event.