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Ceiling Drape Calculator

Ceiling Drape F.A.Q.

A lightweight fabric like Sheer Voile is best for ceiling drape. Most ceiling drape is sold in longer lengths like 21ft, 30ft, and 40ft and is generally 120” wide to cover large ballrooms or ceilings so having a lightweight fabric is ideal for setting up and handling. Sheer Voile is also popular it’s soft and romantic look and looks gorgeous with string lights. Poly Knit is another popular lightweight option with a high shine to the material. It’s also important to make sure the fabric you are using is Flame Resistant (FR) or even better, Inherently Flame Resistant (IFR) and ships with a Flame Certificate as most venues require temporary fabrics that meet NFPA 701 and California Small Scale flame proofing standards.ceiling drape fabric
The best way to hang ceiling drape is using the Ceiling Drape Hoop for a “star-burst” look where the drape starts at the center of the room and fans out toward the exterior or using 6ft Clear Acrylic Tubes for the “wave” style that cascades across the ceiling like a wave. The Ceiling Drape Kit includes the Drape Hoop, Clear Acrylic Tubes, Ceiling Drape and several accessories used to attach the hoop to the ceiling. It can be hung up with chain, string, and hooks and when set up with a drop ceiling, hinged hooks. There are many ways to hang fabric from the ceiling, and it depends on the venue the best way to attach it. Our kit comes with 50pcs of each of the attachment accessories, so you are sure to have enough no matter where you are setting way to hang ceiling drape
Ceiling Drape can be hung from a drop ceiling using Hinged Drop-Ceiling Hooks. These little hooks, swing open and then close securely on the metal grid of the drop-ceiling. Each hook can support 15lbs. You then attach “C” Hooks to the Drape Hoop and attach it to the Hinged Drop-Ceiling Hooks. drop ceiling close up
The swagged ceiling drape or “wave look” can be achieved a couple of different ways. You can purchase drape panels cut to the length of your ceiling allowing extra for the drop of each swag or you can buy fabric by the roll and cut it on-site to the desired length. To create the swag look, you can use Clear Acrylic 6ft Tubes and Positioning Clips to hold the fabric in place and attach these tubes up to the ceiling through the holes at the end of each tube. The lightweight, clear tube keeps the drape spread out and supports each section that you pull up to create that swagged look.swag ceiling examples

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