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If you could change anything about Pipe and Drape, what would it be? Whatever that is to you, CastleTop® is the answer. We’ve spent years perfecting the NEXT™ development in Pipe and Drape and are proud to introduce CastleTop® This one-piece system replaces traditional slots in Uprights and is compatible with all Drape Supports on the market, meaning you can use your existing Drape Supports, no matter the style, with CastleTop®. CastleTop® will eliminate torn slots and damaged drapes from torn slots. It will also decrease your set up time and create even, no top bump drape walls. Maintenance-free, it will extend the life of your product and change the way you use Pipe and Drape.CastleTop® is a hard plastic piece installed at the top of any style Upright and replaces the slots as the new connector for your Drape Support. As the leader in Pipe and Drape, we heard your feedback and working together have created Pipe and Drape NEXT™ with our main goal to make it attainable and beneficial for everyone. Our aim is to make CastleTop® available at an affordable price as both pre-installed when you purchase Uprights or retrofit to your existing inventory.

Pipe and Drape NEXT™, the next advancement in defining and dividing space.


Eliminate torn slots in your uprights.


Simple, effortless setup and increased range of motion.


Create seamless, flush drape walls.


You’d be crazy NOT to upgrade.


Pairs with any style drape support on the market.


Order preassembled or easily retro-fit any style of upright.

CastleTop® Retrofit Installation Video

CastleTop® Retrofit Installation Video

CastleTop vs Existing

CastleTop vs Existing

CastleTop® Patent Launch Video

CastleTop® Patent Launch

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! There are four CastleTop® sizes available that will work with ALL standard Uprights on the market, including our standard fixed height uprights, Slip Collar Uprights and Button Lock and Locking Clamp (LCB) Telescoping Uprights.

Most likely, yes, but you can always order a sample set to be 100% sure. Most credible suppliers offer the same I.D. (inside diameter) measurements on Uprights.

Yes! We sell CastleTop® preassembled on all existing Uprights as well as a retrofit/repair piece for your existing inventory. Here is our instruction sheet.

No. On our preassembled Uprights, CastleTop® slots will sit in the same location as our current industry standard slots. On the retrofit/replacement piece, our instruction sheet shows you exactly where you need to cut it to match your existing slots.

CastleTop® is available in a sleek black finish.

Yes! The ‘V’ slots in CastleTop® are located in the same location as traditional slots in standard Uprights.

Retrofit pieces are sold per unit and include two rivets per CastleTop®, along with an assembly instruction sheet.

The slots in the CastleTop® are open on the top (which makes set-up faster), but there is also a deeper cavity to secure the hook-end in snugly. If knocked over, the drape support could pop out, but it will not tear the slots and damage the Upright like with traditional Pipe and Drape. Many people see this as an advantage that the section will disengage before the entire wall falls.
*CastleTop should never be used where tip-over may cause injury.

Designed for universal use, we have not been able to find Drape Supports on the market that are not compatible with CastleTop®.

Yes! One of the main advantages of upgrading to this system is that it replaces the traditional slots with a hard plastic resting place for your drape supports that are maintenance-free. You will get extended life out of your product.

CastleTop’s® open top allows the drape supports to sit higher when attached and match up the top of CastleTop® to give you a smooth transition from section to section. No more “hooding” the drape or having to sew custom hoodie and “v” pockets.

Yes, we are so confident that you’ll love CastleTop® that we are offering a 3-year warranty on the part – you can read more details here.

Super easy! Four simple steps, click here for our instructions.

We have applied for US and other patent protection - its unique design is currently Patent Pending.

If you purchase CastleTop® preinstalled on an upright, we will still be punching the traditional slot below CastleTop®, so for these special applications, you could run an additional Drape Support directly under the one sitting at the top of the Upright with the additional layer of drape. We also offer the Universal Clamp that can be attached anywhere on the Upright to create a valance placement for an additional layer of drape on the same support.

Where to begin? No more torn slots, no more ripped drape from torn slots, faster set-up, cleaner and “no top bump” drape walls, affordable, one-piece system compatible with your existing inventory, extended product life… the list goes on!

Georgia Expo’s CastleTop® caps feature a 3-year Limited Warranty to ensure confidence in your upgrade, retrofit, or repair. If one of your caps breaks during normal use simply contact your Salesperson for an RGA and we will ship a replacement to you for Shipping and Handling only.

Non-Transferable The CastleTop® limited warranty only applies to the original purchaser.

Normal Use The CastleTop® limited warranty only applies to products used in industry standard practices for trade shows, exhibitions, theatrical or performance events, and related industries. It only applies when using industry standard Drape Supports and normal event fabrics and banners.

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