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Replacement Hook Ends for Drape Support (Pair)


Built to last- the superior alloy (6063 T6) we use in our Drape Supports is “aircraft quality”. We also feature a heavier wall thickness (.072 inches) than cheaper brands- this means they won’t bend or break like inferior alternatives. Our craftsmen attach each Premier hook end with TWO rivets (four total). And the Premier hook ends are made from cast aluminum, which means they won’t break if you inadvertently drop one.

Premier Drape Supports

  • Available in 2 fixed length sizes and 6 telescoping sizes
  • Hook-ends have a cast aluminum body with steel hook and are held in place by 2 rivets on
    each end
  • Can be manufactured using either inside or outside pipe of the premier model
  • Steel ring located at the edge of the Upright prevents jamming by absorbing the load if dropped
  • Larger button stops than our economy model makes for a secure lock when engaged

We manufacture our Drape Supports out of high-strength, anodized aluminum with steel hooks. Pipe and Drape is typically utilized in 10’ increments, the standard width of a trade show booth. Our most popular size is the 6’ – 10’ Drape Support. Tip: when hanging heavier drapes consider going with a longer Drape Support and using it collapsed for a double wall thickness and to increase support. All Drape Supports are 1.5” diameter.

Need a custom size? Contact your sales representative.

Economy Drape Supports

  • Available in 3 telescoping sizes
  • Hook-ends have a molded plastic body with steel hook and are held in place by a single rivet
  • Uses button stops for adjustment
  • Edge of hook end conforms to curvature of the Upright
  • Smaller button stops (than our Premier model) make for easy adjustment

Drape Support: 3-Piece Telescoping

The 3 Piece Telescoping Drape Supports give you the ability to adjust to 8’, 9’, or 10’ lengths
and also can be taken apart into three, 49” long pieces for easier transport.

Drape Support: Collapsible

Our collapsible style is our newest addition designed to be used with our Custom Fabric
Backdrops (pg. 59). This support is designed to break down into three, 32” L pieces with a
bungee cord running through the middle to keep it all together.

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