Ceiling Drape Kit – Hardware Only


Ceiling Drape Ring/Hoop and attachment parts all packed in one kit.  Hardware Only.  Does not include the Ceiling Drape or Clear Acrylic Tubes.

20" Diam Ceiling Drape Hoop (Ring)

It is designed to hold the drape panels for ceiling drape.  It's like a hula hoop that opens and closes securely.


4" "C" Hook (50pc bag)

Metal "C" hooks designed to be used with the Ceiling Drape Ring or Clear Acrylic Tubes to hang ceiling drape.


Hinged Drop-Ceiling Hooks ( 50 pc. Bag )

Crystal Clear Hinged Polycarbonate Ceiling Hooks for hanging Ceiling Drape


Positioning Clips/Pins ( 50 pc. Bag )

Bag of 50 Positioning Pins/Clips used to attach and spread out Ceiling Drape on the Clear Acrylic Tube.



This kit comes complete with the hardware components needed to hang ceiling drape in a “star-burst” style design.  This kit is designed with a center ring that is placed in the center for the room’s ceiling and then the panels of drape cascade off the ring and spread out toward the edge of the room using the 6ft clear acrylic tubes.  This creates the “star-burst” style ceiling drape commonly seen at weddings, parties and corporate events.

View our Ceiling Drape Set Up Instructions.

Kit Includes: (HARDWARE ONLY – does not include the Clear Acrylic Tubes or Ceiling Drape)

(Qty. 1) 20″ diam. Ceiling Hoop/Ring

(Qty. 50) C-Hooks, 4″

(Qty. 50) Positioning Clips

(Qty. 50) Hinged Drop-Ceiling Hooks

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 1 in