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14′ L x 29″ HAnyWeb Backing10 +$24.99
14′ L x 29″ HAnyHook and Loop10 +$26.99
14′ L x 39″ HAnyWeb Backing10 +$27.99
14′ L x 39″ HAnyHook and Loop10 +$28.99
17′ L x 29″ HAnyWeb Backing8 +$29.99
17′ L x 29″ HAnyHook and Loop8 +$32.99
17′ L x 39″ HAnyWeb Backing8 +$33.99
17′ L x 39″ HAnyHook and Loop8 +$34.99
21′ L x 29″ HAnyWeb Backing6 +$36.99
21′ L x 29″ HAnyHook and Loop6 +$40.99
21′ L x 39″ HAnyWeb Backing6 +$41.99
21′ L x 39″ HAnyHook and Loop6 +$43.99

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Poly Premier Table Skirts are ideal for Convention Centers, Rental Companies and anyone looking for a professional skirted table. Our Poly Premier fabric has a linen look and feel with a flat or matte finish. Our skirts are hand sew right here in the United States using Flame Retardant fabric. Each order will ship with a Flame Certificate. This skirt features our Expo Pleat and all our skirts come with a “double sew”, meaning we run the pleat of the skirt through the machine an additional time to add a lock stitch over the existing to ensure your skirt has a long life and durability. You also have the option to pick “web backing” or “hook and loop backing”. Web backing is typically used when you are stapling your skirt directly to a table. Hook and Loop Backing is typically used with attaching the skirt to the table with Clips. Because there are so many options involved with table skirt, feel free to give us a call and we can help walk you through all the options to ensure you get the correct product for your table and event.

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Our fabrics are tested to:
CA Small Scale
NPFA 701

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Effective on fabrics purchased after March 30th, 2017

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14' L x 29" H, 14' L x 39" H, 17' L x 29" H, 17' L x 39" H, 21' L x 29" H, 21' L x 39" H

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Web Backing, Hook and Loop