ceiling drape clear tube

6ft. Clear Tube for Ceiling Drape


Clear, acrylic, lightweight tube designed to spread out ceiling drape panels.



Lightweight, six-foot long, clear acrylic tube for hanging ceiling drape.   It’s designed to keep the drape panels spread at the end.  The tube features holes on each end where it can be attached to the ceiling using string, C-Hooks, S-Hooks or a variety of other attachments.  This acrylic ceiling drape tube is often used with Positioning Clips to hold the ends of the drape in place.  Sold individually, you’ll need to order one tube per panel of ceiling drape.

For “star-burst” style ceiling drape using the Ceiling Hoop or Ring in the middle of the room, you would use the pocket of the drape panel to slide through this tube and then spread the drape out opposite of the Ceiling Drape Ring.

For “wave-design” ceiling drape where you are cascading the drape like a wave across the room the drape can lay over this tube, holding it in place with the Positioning Clips.

Additional information

Weight .312 lbs
Dimensions 62 × .625 × .625 in