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Banjo drape is the industry standard for trade show and convention drape. It’s an open weave fabric with a slight sheen to it. Industry professionals love to work with banjo because of its low cost, a wide array of color options and most importantly of all, it’s inherently flame resistant.

Opacity – 50% Blackout
Recommended Panels per 10ft Section – 4

Bulk Purchase Discounts
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Drape Size Quantity Price
3 Ft. Drape – 34″ H x 48″ W 50 + $4.99
3 x 12 Ft. Drape – 35″ H x 144″ W 20 + $15.99
8 Ft. Drape – 94″ H x 48″ W 30 + $9.99
10 Ft Drape – 118″ H x 48″ W 25 + $14.99
12 Ft. Drape – 142″ H x 48″ W 20 + $15.99
14 Ft. Drape – 166″ H x 48″ W 20 + $19.99

For custom or additional sizes contact us.



Banjo Drape is among one of our best selling fabrics.  It’s a popular choice for trade show decorators and customers looking for an array of colors and a fabric that meets event facility and fire marshal standards.

The Georgia Expo Difference.

All panels come standard with 4″ pockets on both top and bottom of the drape so it can be hung both ways, extending the life of the panel.  Our sewing team double-back-tacks each first inch of the pocket so that the 1st critical inch that’s used to string your drape support has extra durability.  When we cut the drape, we lay out each panel flat on our tables to relax the bias of the fabric ensuring a straight and even cut each time.

Like most fabrics, Banjo is dye lot sensitive.  We use a color scanner to take the human eye out of the equation when matching dye lots.  If you already have banjo drape in your inventory, we are happy to match your dye lot as close as possible. Just give us a call (1.800.433.9767) and we’ll look up your last order and send you out the closest dye lot match for your approval. If this is your first order of banjo, we’ll keep your shade number on file, and if asked, will match it as close as possible for your next order!

All Banjo is sewn off a 48″ wide roll and we recommend 4 panels per 10ft. section of Pipe and Drape to give the look of 50% fullness. (Ex. using 4 panels, 48″ wide you will have 16ft. of  Banjo drape on a 10ft section.)

  • Inherently Flame Resistant (I.F.R.)
  • Passes NFPA 701 Small Scale, CA Title 19, Section 1237 Small Scale, CAN/ULC-S109-14 Small and Large Scale
  • 100% Polyester Fabric with an open weave texture
  • All Georgia Expo Fabrics ship with a Flame Certificate
  • Sewn to order

*CAN/ULC-S109-14 Small Scale Flame Test effective on fabric purchased after March 30th, 2017.
*CAN/ULC-S109-14 Large Scale Flame Test effective on fabric purchased after February 30th, 2018.

Fabric Care Instructions | Purchase the Swatch Card

*Due to differences in photography, lighting, color correction and screen color variances our online images may not be an exact color match to the fabric. To avoid discrepancies, please order a free fabric sample before ordering. We do our best to represent each color as accurately as possible but please note that all drapes are made to order and non-returnable.
*Please note that it’s industry standard to sew Banjo Drape 2″ shorter than full length to prevent it from touching the floor.  We are happy to accommodate full-length drape if requested, please make a note in the cart if you’d like your drape sewn to full length.  The standard dimensions are listed above.
*Please note that dye lots can vary.  If you are trying to match existing inventory, please request a dye lot sample from a sales representative.
*Please note, while not common, drape can vary in height/width +/- 1″.

View all of our available color options.

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Banjo Fabric Drape and Its Uses

Watch Amanda Gray, VP of Sales & Marketing, discuss the attributes, applications, and benefits of our Banjo fabric

Amanda Gray, VP of Sales & Marketing

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