Author: Matt S.

pantone color of the year ultra violet

Pantone® Color of The Year – We Got You Covered

Looking to stay ahead your competitors with the latest and greatest? You may have heard, Pantone® just announced their color of the year! Good news for you, we have a variation of this color in most of our fabric offerings. Starting back in 2000, the Pantone® Color Institute began declaring a specific color “Color of […]

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Ultimate Expo Table

Georgia Expo Releases Lighter, Stronger, and Less Expensive Ultimate Expo Table™

Made with Bantam Wood™, Holding Up to 1000 lbs. Georgia Expo Manufacturing is proud to announce that we have found a way to make the standard expo table lighter, stronger, and surprisingly less expensive. This craftsmanship stems from using our new, aptly named Bantam Wood™. With the introduction of the new table, Georgia Expo V.P. […]

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stanchion belts

Replacing Stanchion Cassettes

Georgia Expo Toolbox Lifesaving: Replacing Stanchion Cassettes At Georgia Expo, we’re all about saving time and money. If we learn to do things more efficiently, we can pass those savings onto our customers. Better yet, if we share our industry knowledge with our customers, we can help you be more efficient too! We hope in […]

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wedding banner

4 Amazing Tips to Enhance Your Wedding with Pipe and Drape

One of our longstanding mottos here at Georgia Expo is “It’s amazing what pipe and drape can do.” Today we wanted to show how that motto looks in the wedding industry by giving you 4 amazing tips to enhance your wedding with pipe and drape. Create a stunning photo backdrop with just a single or […]

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