16 x 14 slip fit base

Slip-Fit Base 16″ x 14″


16″ x 14″ Bases come standard with a 3″ high pin.  Made from galvanized, 8 Ga. steel and features a stacking slot and 3 pin placement holes on each base.  These bases are recommended to pair with uprights up to 8′ H.

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Pin Size Options Quantity Price
1.5″ x 3″ Standard 20 + $12.99
1.5″ x 3″ Edge Protector 20 + $19.99
1.5″ x 3″ Black Powder Coated 20 + $18.99
1.5″ x 3″ Black Powder Coated w/ Edge Protector 20 + $23.99
2″ x 3″ Standard 20 + $19.99
2″ x 3″ Edge Protector 20 + $23.99
2″ x 3″ Black Powder Coated 20 + $20.99
2″ x 3″ Black Powder Coated w/ Edge Protector 20 + $23.99
2″ x 6″ Standard 20 + $20.99
2″ x 6″ Edge Protector 20 + $24.99
2″ x 6″ Black Powder Coated 20 + $20.99
2″ x 6″ Black Powder Coated w/ Edge Protector 20 + $24.99



This base plate is considered the “industry standard” base that pairs with the popular 8′ Upright.  16″ x 14″ Bases are designed to pair with fixed height or telescoping  Uprights up to 8′ high. These bases feature a stacking slot and are available with 1.5″ or 2″ diam — x 3″ high pin sizes. The stacking slot of the base is always on the second dimension of the base, so for this base the stacking slot is on the 14″ side which means that this base can stagger stack with the popular 8″ x 14″ Base that pairs with 3′ Uprights to form the arms of a trade show booth.  The taller you go with your Upright, the heavier the Base you need, check out our other Bases for uprights over 8′ or for even more excellent stability, you can also add a Base Weight or Saddle Bag for increased support on your base.

The Georgia Expo Difference

  • Punched and finished in our factory, these bases go through a series of operations on our punch presses to give you the features below, this also means we can customize your bases to fit your unique event needs, ask your sales representative for details on customization
  • Three holes for pin placement down the middle so the pin can be positioned in the middle or off to the side when setting up against a wall or corner
  • Stacking slot, allowing you to keep your pin installed while stagger stacking your bases for more compact storage and transportation.
  • Lightweight, hollow steel pins

16″ x 14″ bases pair with uprights up to 8′ H (10lbs) *recommend 3″ pin (0.5lbs)

When picking your pin size, match up the first dimensions with the diameter of your Slip-Fit Uprights. We sell both 1.5″ and 2″ uprights. The height of the pin increases stability. For reference, our standard 8′ upright pairs with our 16″ x 14″ base with a 1.5″ x 3″ pin. If you have any questions on how to pick out which base you need with your upright, we are happy to help! 1.800.433.9767


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1.5" x 3", 2" x 3", 2" x 6"


Standard, Edge Protector, Black Powder Coated, Black Powder Coated w/ Edge Protector