What is Pipe and Drape?

Pipe and Drape consists of aluminum pipes as a framework from which to hang drapes and create what is called a backwall or backdrop. Backdrops can be positioned together to create booths, divide a room, or what we like to call “define a space.” The popularity of the system comes from the facts that it is easy to setup, take down, and store/transport, and remains the most cost-effective way to create and define space and to add elements of beauty, marketing, or simply elegant room division to any number of events.

The Pipe and Drape System:

Steel bases create a foundation, aluminum uprights and drape supports create a framework, and drapes are sewn to hang from these supports. Simple, right? While the components to any given setup are simple in theory, the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

No tools required for assembly, every system is made up of four simple components. To learn about each individual piece read the text below or click on the links to learn even more:

Bases – The steel foundation. Two bases are typically used with each pipe and drape kit/package, and provide support and stability. Two smaller bases are included when you are creating the typical trade show booth system.
Uprights – Aluminum vertical supports. Two vertical uprights (heights can vary, but standard is 8’) are used to create a standard backdrop formation. For the trade show setup, two smaller uprights (3’ high) are attached to the short bases.
Drape Supports – Aluminum support pipes that are connected vertically between uprights. There is one long drape support (10’ wide standard) in your standard backdrop kit, with two short drape supports of varying lengths depending on your trade show setup.
Drapes – The industry standard for trade show drapery is for the drapes to be two inches shorter than the height of the upright. A typical 8’ drape is actually 94” in finished height with 4” pockets on top and bottom. One large drape is always included with just a standard backdrop, with two smaller drapes hanging from the small drape supports for a trade show setup. Although Banjo drape is the industry standard, a variety of drapes with different benefits/uses are available.


Where Do You See Pipe and Drape:

The beautiful thing about Pipe and Drape is it is only limited by your imagination. It is used by a number of industries, or by individual users for a huge assortment of applications. Anywhere that a space needs to be defined quickly and easily, or a backdrop needs to be constructed, light needs to be blocked, traffic in a room redirected, you can find pipe and drape.

It is the standard setup for trade shows, used as a background for a press conference after a sporting event, or a political gathering, used in weddings for decorations, used to create a backstage or backdrop for graduations, seen often in churches or other places of worship, and used frequently in the Audio Visual world. Really, it can be used anywhere. Be sure to take a look around and see where you can find Pipe and Drape!


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