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Ultimate Slip Collar Telescoping Uprights™ are available in both 2-piece and 3-piece models with height ranges from 3ft-25ft. The 2-piece model features one collar, while the 3-piece has two collars. We offer Ultimate Uprights in two styles: traditional slots-only or with CastleTop®. You can also pick from standard aluminum or black anodized finishes. All Ultimate Uprights™ come standard with a DropStop™ located at the bottom of the outermost pipe, which prevents the inner pipe(s) from falling through and any resulting metal on metal contact, extending your upright’s lifespan. Ultimate Uprights also feature either one or two replaceable collars that screw on and off the threaded pipes, making repairs easier and more cost-effective over time. All Georgia Expo Slip Collar Telescoping Uprights come standard with laser etched height markers at no additional cost.

Ultimate Slip-Collar Features


Hand punched and assembled in our Suwanee, GA factory our Slip Collar Telescoping Upright are built to last. Constructed with superior alloy (6063 T6) “aircraft quality” and features a heavier wall thickness (.072 inches), superior over cheaper brands, this means they won’t bend or break like inferior alternatives.  Globally Sourced, Locally Made. Thank you for supporting US Manufacturing.

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