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Fixed Height Uprights

1.5″ Fixed Height Uprights


Fixed Height Uprights

2″ Fixed Height Uprights


Fixed Height Uprights

8′ Break Apart Upright


Fixed Height Uprights

Quickfold Upright


We manufacturer the largest selection of Pipe and Drape uprights nationwide, including our fixed height uprights.  Fixed height uprights are the most affordable option for getting started with pipe and drape. The most popular, standard height is 8ft high.  They are available in an aluminum finish or black anodized.  They also are available with traditional slotted tops or CastleTop®. Do keep in mind, though, that while these are the most affordable options, they can be more expensive ship, transport, and store.  Also, they may be too tall when working in homes where lower ceilings might prevent a smooth setup.  Please make sure to measure your vehicle and set-up area before purchase and consider our Break-Apart Fixed Height Upright or Telescoping Uprights as an alternative.