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Shop by Industry: The Latest Site Changes

While we certainly want our customers to find what they are looking for when they are looking for it, we also want to create an environment where individuals can learn about products and how they fit into their unique industry. It’s also a place where you can browse for products if you’re not quite sure […]

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Ultimate Expo Table

The Ultimate Expo Table Video

Our next video project is done and may be the best one yet! Featuring The Ultimate Expo Table, the video seeks to explain just how this lighter, stronger, and still less expensive table rises above the competition! Benefits of The Ultimate Expo Table Include: NEW Bantam Wood™ material (light but strong) Contoured, Soft Touch™ edges […]

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How Much Do You Know About Uprights?

Uprights are a key part of every pipe and drape system, but how much do you know about the different benefits each type has? Whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking for the latest upgrade, or a novice just getting into the game — we’ve created a new video highlighting different uprights so you can choose […]

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Wedding Canopy - Chuppah Huppah Mandap

The Traditions and Origins of the Classic Wedding Canopy

  If you’ve recently attended a wedding of a friend or loved one you may have already seen a Wedding Canopy in use. Even all on its own, this small setup can instantly turn any space into an intimate wedding venue. The light, airy sheer backdrops encapsulate the bride and groom and create the perfect […]

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