Shop by Industry: The Latest Site Changes

While we certainly want our customers to find what they are looking for when they are looking for it, we also want to create an environment where individuals can learn about products and how they fit into their unique industry. It’s also a place where you can browse for products if you’re not quite sure what you are looking for, or are interested in seeing some related items. That’s why we’ve recently added a section to our website navigation called ‘Shop by Industry’ that currently contains information on three popular customer industries and associated equipment: Trade Shows, Production and Audio-Visual, and Weddings and Events.

Trade Show Equipment

Pipe and Drape has been the backbone of trade shows for years. However, this section includes not only the best Pipe and Drape options but also several other relevant products as well.

Production and AV Equipment

Covers popular masking products such as Duvetyne Drape, Commando Drape, and Performance Velour Drape as well as the popular AV Tech Surround Kit. You’ll also find some tips on why it’s more profitable to buy than rent!

Wedding and Event Equipment

Manufacturing the best possible event equipment, along with Pipe and Drape, is pretty much what we do here. While in the past few years we’ve seen an increase in requests for wedding equipment in particular, and have in turn released several new products. Learn more about what these products can do for you or your client!

Is your industry not on the list? Don’t worry, more industries are likely to come. Feel free to send a request as well! We also want to know if you are finding what you need on our site? If you’re having any issues finding a product, navigating the website, etc. please feel free to contact us for that too. Reach out to us at We’d love to know what you think!