Pipe and Drape

Pipe and Drape is made of four essential components to make a complete system: bases, uprights, drape supports, and drape. Browse below to see all related product or follow the links to the category you need.

To take the guesswork away, we’ve also created a Pipe and Drape Kits category where you can get the perfect amount of product predesigned for you.

What is Pipe and Drape?

Pipe and Drape is a system made generally from steel bases, aluminum pipes, and drape that is used for dividing, hiding, or defining space. The bases form the foundation for which uprights are then inserted onto and supported by pins in the base. Bases are aligned and set by the length of the drape support, which attaches to each upright. Draping fabric is then attached to and hung from the drape support. The end result is an easy to assemble, portable, and elegant divider, curtain, or “soft wall-like” structure. The overall system is then used for any number of purposes.

How is Pipe and Drape Sold?

Typically, it is sold by the piece (scroll above) or as kits. Georgia Expo is one of the few pipe and drape manufacturers in the business. If you’ve used Pipe and Drape previously, rented it, or plan to purchase it, there is a good chance that it was made by Georgia Expo.