How Much Do You Know About Uprights?

Uprights are a key part of every pipe and drape system, but how much do you know about the different benefits each type has? Whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking for the latest upgrade, or a novice just getting into the game — we’ve created a new video highlighting different uprights so you can choose the best option to fit your needs.

upright video

Uprights Covered in the Video

Fixed-Height Uprights:

  • These uprights are the most affordable but are not adjustable to different heights.
  • 8’ uprights are the standard (largely because the standard trade show booth is 8’ x 10’) but 3’, 6’, 10’, and 12’ are also available.
  • Available in 1.5” or 2” diameters.
  • Portable options include the Break-Apart Upright or the Quick-Fold Upright.

Telescoping LCB Uprights:

  • LCB is short for “Locking Clamp with Button Lock” and is used to adjust the uprights in 1-foot increments.
  • The button lock allows for a safe, positive lock that won’t fail or slip. The locking clamp adds additional security or allows you to lock in heights that fall in between the
    incremental 1-foot adjustments.
  • This the best upright for systems that will stay up for extended periods of time.
  • The LCB is exclusive to Georgia Expo and includes the only 1.5” telescoping upright on the market.
  • Wide variety of height ranges.

Telescoping Slip-Collar Uprights:

  • This model is the easiest way to adjust uprights and does not require a ladder.
  • Includes Dropstop™ technology, which catches the inner pipe (if ever dropped accidentally) from sliding through, preventing any damage.
  • Includes labeled height increments on the pipe.
  • Wide variety of height ranges.

All uprights are available in aluminum, black anodized, or black powder coated finishes. All uprights are available in the traditional style or with the CastleTop® addition. Put simply, CastleTop® is a small but powerful addition that eliminates the need for slots on uprights (which can be damaged over time), eliminates drape snagging on torn slots or tops of uprights, eliminates the ‘top bump’ on rows of drape, and significantly decreases set up and take down time.