Monthly Archives: September 2017

What’s New? Blush Sheer Is Here!

Sheer Blush

Georgia Expo products are all about providing solutions in the trade show and event industry. Recently, we asked party rental experts what colors they wanted to see in their sheer fabrics and the response came back resoundingly as sheer blush. This isn’t just any shade of sheer though, you specifically asked for a “flesh tone” […]

What’s Hot? Current Industry Trends: Spandex Is Back In Style

Superhero in Spandex

Spandex is back in style…and no, we’re not just talking about your favorite superhero costume. The newest industry trend is using this synthetic fiber, known for its elasticity, to give tables and other products a whole new sleek and high-end style.” Since launching our line of Spandex Table Covers in earlier in summer 2017 we’ve […]