The Georgia Expo Difference: Fabric Color Scanning

Fabric Color Scanning

Fabric Color Scanning

If you’ve been in the industry for a while you know that the shade of a fabric can vary in between dye lots. (just like your favorite pair of jeans). That’s why we’ve invested in our color scanning technology.

When we make new fabric, each roll is scanned (3 times to get an average for the roll) and sorted according to our current shades. If the scanned roll doesn’t match it is set aside and then compared using a sophisticated computer program to analyze all rolls that don’t match and determine if there is a need to make another shade. The rolls are sorted and stored. When new shades are made they are assigned tolerances to ensure that the fabric is a close match to everything within that shade.

Fabric Color Scanning program

If you are dye lot sensitive, be sure to keep your shade on record to let us know and we can give you the closest possible match. Remember as well, you can always ask for shade samples!

While this technology sets us light years ahead of the competition, fabric can still vary in shade from lot to lot and sometimes even within a roll.  If you are dye lot sensitive and looking for the closest match possible, always request a dye lot sample from your sales representative.

For more information check out our Drape and Fabric sections and products.

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