The Psychology of Color in Your Pipe and Drapes

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How much thought goes into the color of drapes you use at your event?


We all know that color is important in decorating for events, but did you know that color can influence people’s moods, increase their appetite, or even impact marketing and sales decisions? The psychology and mood influence of colors has been a topic of debate for thousands of years. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures even practiced a form of healing called chromotherapy; red was thought to be able to stimulate the body’s circulation, yellow was used to purify, and blue was used to treat pain and illness.

In modern times, a lot of the mysticism has been removed, and we know that culture, previous life experiences, nationality, religion, physiology, etc. all impact how a person perceives meaning from colors. With recent studies, however, one thing is abundantly clear: color can and does influence behavior and mood. Specifically, branding, marketing, and purchasing decisions are all impacted by color. According to a study published by the Emerald Group on the impact of color on marketing:


“People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products. About 62‐90 percent of the assessment is based on colors alone. So, prudent use of colors can contribute not only to differentiating products from competitors, but also to influencing moods and feelings – positively or negatively – and therefore, to attitude towards certain products. Given that our moods and feelings are unstable and that colors play roles in forming attitude, it is important that managers understand the importance of colors in marketing.”


Every pipe and drape system is highly influenced by the colors of its drapes. Georgia Expo embraces the power of colors with their products; and each of our Drape product pages features a link to display all available color options for that particular drape type. Our Banjo drape, the industry standard, features 27 different color options. The information below includes some popular colors associations from US researchers, as well as some tips from our own industry:


Black: Often known as a color of power and authority, black is also used in fashion to make a person seem thinner. In our industry, it is one of the most popular drape colors purchased by rental companies and used at various events. AVPR companies are a big fan of using Duvetyne and Commando as blackout fabrics.

White: Innocence and purity are often associated with the color white. This means that in our industry white is, of course, the color of choice for weddings. An elegant white sheer or performance velour is a great choice for any wedding application.

Blue: This color is known to produce calming chemicals in the body and is recognized with feelings of peace and tranquility. In 2000, the city of Glasgow, Scotland installed blue street lighting in order to reduce crime rates. In relation to pipe and drape, blue is one of the most popular colors for trade show booths.

Red: Not surprisingly, red is often associated with passion. It has been found to stimulate faster breathing and heartbeats and even increase appetite. Next time you eat at a popular restaurant chain, take a look around. Red is a great color for grabbing attention.

Drape Colors

The impacts of color don’t stop there. For more information on colors related to pipe and drape and what they can do for your business, feel free to contact one of our sales representatives. We’ve just introduced a brand new color for our Banjo line: Margarita. What feelings does Margarita inspire in you?


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