Dasher Board Skirt

Dasher Board Skirting / Covers

Skirting used to cover Dash Board advertisements.  Can be sewn pleated or flat, no pleat.  Used to conceal dasher boards and transform the look of an ice arena, skating rink or hockey rink when hosting events on the floor.

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Ice Arenas/Hockey Rinks Rejoice!  You can now have the best of both worlds: dasher board advertisements when it’s game time and sleek, professional skirting or fabric panels to cover the ads when you want to host other events.  Most of the Dasher Board Covers we make are pleated table skirting, sized to the height of your dasher boards.  They are usually sewn with hook-and-loop backing and easily adhere to the edge of the dasher boards using Adhesive Strip.  We can also produce flat, no pleat covers for a sleek look.  We recommend sewing these out of our Poly Premier fabric but can create covers using any of our fabrics. We can even print logos or graphics on the fabric using dye sublimation to really transform the look of the floor.

Poly Premier Swatches

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