Stage Skirting




Stage Skirting at Georgia Expo is available in two different fabric types: Poly Knit and Poly Premier.

Poly Knit is a flame retardant fabric that has a very shiny look and is considered the best economy drape for stage skirting.

Poly Premier is a knit fabric with an upscale linen look. It is also consistent between dye lots and gives off a professional look and feel.

All standard stage skirt backing is sewn with the “loop” (female) side of hook-and-loop but the “hook” (male) side is available upon request.

Both fabrics come standard in black with Expo Pleating and are available above to purchase in the most popular cuts and sizes. Custom sizes, colors, and box pleating are available upon request by calling 800-433-9767.

Fabric Care Instructions

Our fabrics are tested to:
CA Small Scale
NPFA 701

We are now also testing to:
Effective on fabrics purchased after March 30th, 2017

Additional information

Fabric Type

Poly Knit, Poly Premier


8" H x 4' W, 8" H x 8' W, 8" H x 16' W, 8" H x 32' W, 12" H x 4' W, 12" H x 8' W, 12" H x 16' W, 12" H x 32' W, 16" H x 4' W, 16" H x 8' W, 16" H x 16' W, 16" H x 32' W, 24" H x 4' W, 24" H x 8' W, 24" H x 16' W, 24" H x 32' W, 32" H x 4' W, 32" H x 8' W, 32" H x 16' W, 32" H x 32' W, 39" H x 4' W, 39" H x 8' W, 39" H x 16' W, 39" H x 32' W


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