Plexiglass Alternatives for Social Distancing

acrylic and vinyl comparison image

Are you gearing up to reopen? The new distancing requirements by the CDC encourage placing barriers to help maintain proper distancing of guests and staff. A lot of businesses have opted for plexiglass or acrylic sheets. Due to the increase in demand, the price of plexiglass is skyrocketing. Simultaneously, it’s hard to find right now, and lead times on orders are several weeks if not months out. Here at Georgia Expo Manufacturing, we have developed an economical alternative to the pricey acrylic. Our Distancing Cubes and Portable Isolation Walls are the ideal solutions for creating divider walls while being able to interact socially due to its transparency. Our partition walls are entirely customizable to meet your business requirements, are easy to install, clean, and store. They are being used in beauty salons, gyms, offices, casinos, public works, cafeterias, and public restrooms

The best application for vinyl wall dividers is for larger installations, to create a wall, or separate space. However, we can make any size panels, and it is effortlessly installed on our easy to set up framework (no tools required). Vinyl frames can be connected to create one long section or broken apart to create many different sections depending on the individual need. Vinyl Panels are much more affordable, and current lead times are right at one-week production. You can purchase large sections of vinyl for a fraction of the cost of the large sections of acrylic sheets. 

Installing vinyl is simple. Most of our panels feature a 4” top pocket. All you need to do is put together your frame and slide on the vinyl in the desired location. It can even be moved to several different locations as needed throughout the day. Vinyl can be wiped down with just a spray and cloth. Because of the flexible nature of the product, it can also be folded up and stored away.

The vinyl curtains we are producing are also industrial grade and made to order for your specific project. They are a heavy and sturdy 15-gauge vinyl and are also Inherently Flame Resistant (IFR) and ship with a flame certificate showing they pass the CA NFPA certification required by most public locations.

When practicing social distancing, plexiglass is a popular choice due to its rigidity and optical clarity. But if you are looking for something more economical, with a faster delivery time and the same level of transparency, clear vinyl is an excellent alternative as it is easy to clean, display, and store.

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