Uplighting with Pipe and Drape…Are You Trying It Yet?

Uplighting is a decorative technique that uses a directed beam of light placed on the ground and aimed to project against a backdrop. The lights can be of any color to create the desired effect, mood or atmosphere, and to generate an elegantly illuminated look and feel to the venue. The technique has been a growing trend among a number of events, but its popularity has definitely surged with weddings. Find the right venue, get the perfect backdrop, decorate appropriately, and watch this technique transform a room.

To see for yourself, do a Google Image search for “uplighting,” look at the images, and what do you see? There is an assortment of amazing uplighting effects at a number of venues, but also our good friend Pipe and Drape! Scroll through and you can tell that almost every image involves some sort of pipe and drape, stage skirting, or table skirting in addition to the beautiful uplighting.

uplighting with pipe and drape

Drape backdrop fabrics make an amazing medium for uplighting effects, in particular, sheer fabric because of its translucent properties and elegant look and feel. For a while now our sheer has been a top seller for companies catering to wedding events. As you continue to peruse the image page take a look at just how many bride and grooms, or wedding receptions you come across. So if you’re a rental company, wedding designer, or even if you are looking to DIY your own wedding try pairing one of our wedding backdrops with an uplighting light of your choice.