Top 5 uses for plastic crowd control stanchions

1.) Portable stanchions for amusement parks:

When I think of lines, the first thing that comes to mind is roller coasters and amusement parks. I guess that is because of the fact that much of the day is spent waiting in lines, unless of course you purchase a fancy “Fast Pass” (which is well worth it in my opinion). There are many fixed lines that are established at the attractions; however the pop up restaurant lines need to come and go as the eatery opens and closes. Our lightweight portable stanchions provide the perfect crowd control for hungry and thirsty patrons at the amusement park.





2.) Stanchions for retail restaurants:


When the weather starts getting nice, EVERYONE wants to eat outside and this can start to cause problems if you have only a small outdoor section that is in the middle of a walkway or sidewalk. If are looking to separate your limited restaurant seating from the street or looking to help people form lines for a self serve location, we have you covered at Georgia Expo. Our lightweight plastic stanchions will guide your patrons with ease and help keep everything organized during meal time.


3.) Plastic stanchions for museum exhibits:


Museum exhibits move around quite frequently and as we all know, each is unique and needs a different walk-through pathway to maintain organization and prevent chaos from disrupting the artists’ presentation. Our portable plastic stanchions will do the trick in a classy manner while attracting limited attention, keeping all eyes focused on the display. Our stanchions are very easy to move and can be relocated with ease from room to room and exhibit to exhibit.


4.) Stanchions at the airport:


The airport is a busy place and can very quickly become pure chaos if crowd control measures are not implemented effectively. Our plastic stanchions help restauranteurs establish lines (or ques as they say in the UK) for hungry patrons looking to grab a last minute before their plane takes off. These non fixed, portable stanchions can be easily stowed away at closing time as well as relocated when there is a need to reform the lines or lengthen the lines on a busy day.


5.) Stanchions for outdoor weddings:


Outdoor weddings often require a portable level of crowd control that has a clean touch to it. At Georgia Expo we offer lightweight portable stanchions. Our plastic stanchions really help to guide the flow of traffic through your wedding without taking any attention off the bride on her special day.


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