Screw-In Base

Screw-In Bases


This base features two threaded holes where the thread end of a Screw-In Upright can be attached to this base creating one secure piece.  The Screw-In style Pipe and Drape System is recommended for permanent structures or where storage space is limited because the bases can be stacked vertically for compact storage and transportation.

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The Screw-In Base is part of the Screw-In Pipe and Drape System.  This system was historically the main system used for Pipe and Drape, but in the last decade has taken a backseat to the popular Slip-Fit System.  There are still plenty of applications, though, where the Screw-In System is beneficial and recommended.  It’s known as the ‘Space Saver’ system and is recommended if storage space is a premium for you.  The bases feature dimpled corners, which allow them to be stacked vertically.  It’s recommended for more permanent Pipe and Drape set-ups and is easy to move and position because the upright and base create one secure piece.

The Screw-In System features a threaded pin which is riveted into the bottom of the Upright and screws into one of the two threaded holes on the base, creating one secure piece.  Uprights can be screwed into either of the two threaded holes for a tight and secure fit.  All of these bases come standard in a black, powder-coated finish with rounded edges.

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Screw-In Pipe and Drape Bases made with four dimples at each corner for easy stacking and storage.

screw in bases

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