Ceiling Drape Kit | 12 Panel, 40ft. | Covers up to 80ft. – Sheer



This kit come complete with everything needed to beautifully transform ceilings for room up to 80ft x 80ft using Sheer Voile Ceiling Drape.  This kit is designed with a center ring that is placed in the center for the room’s ceiling and then the panels of drape cascade off the ring and spread out toward the edge of the room using the 6ft clear acrylic tubes.  This creates the “star-burst” style ceiling drape commonly seen at weddings, parties and corporate events.

View our Ceiling Drape Set Up Instructions.

Kit Includes:

(Qty. 12) 40ft long x 120″ wide Sheer Voile Ceiling Drape with 4″ pockets top on each end

(Qty. 1) 20″ diam. Ceiling Hoop/Ring

(Qty. 12) 6ft long Clear Acrylic Tubes

(Qty. 50) C-Hooks, 4″

(Qty. 50) Positioning Clips

(Qty. 50) Hinged Drop-Ceiling Hooks



  • Sheer (Voile)
  • 40ft long x 120″ wide
  • 4″ pockets on each end – used to sting on hoop at center of room and 6ft clear tubes at opposite end.
  • Soft, lightweight, flowly and translucent.  Free Samples available
  • I.F.R. Inherently Flame Resistant and ship with Flame Certificate
  • Sewn to order at our Suwanee, GA factory
  • Covers UP TO 80ft if pulled completely taught.  Please keep this in mind when measuring your room to accommodate a swag, or wave look.

Ceiling Drape Kits are offered in our most popular size requests, however every ceiling is different.  We are happy to sewn custom length panels that work best for your space.  Just give us a call at 1-800-433-9767 for pricing.