CastleTop® Retro-Fit Piece


Retrofit piece that can be added to your existing uprights to repair damaged or torn slots and extend the life of your uprights.  Part of our CastleTop® line of pre-installed and retrofit products.

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This is Pipe and Drape NEXT™ – retro-fit CastleTop®  This one piece system is available for you to add to your existing uprights and replaces torn or damaged slots in Uprights.  It is compatible with all Drape Supports on the market, meaning you can use your existing Drape Supports, no matter the style, with CastleTop®.

CastleTop® will eliminate torn slots and damaged drape from torn slots. It will also decrease your set up time and create even, no top bump drape walls. Maintenance free, it will extend the life of your product and change the way you use Pipe and Drape.

CastleTop® is a hard plastic piece installed at the top of your Upright and replaces the slots as the new connector for your Drape Support. We offer this part in four sizes to match all Upright sizes on the market.

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Weight N/A
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1.5" Fixed Height & LCB, 2" Fixed Height & LCB, 2 Piece Slip Collar, 3 Piece Slip Collar


CastleTop® Retrofit Installation Video

CastleTop® Retrofit Installation Video