Pipe and Drape Rental: Buy vs. Rent

The ongoing question of whether you should buy or rent your drape is one that has plagued pipe and drape users for years. The answer comes down to what will save you the most time and money in the long run, and many factors go into that decision.

The most significant influence you should take into consideration is how many times you will use this drape. If you are getting it for a one-time event, in a color that you don’t have a lot of use for, then renting is a good option. However, if you’ve found yourself in need of, for example, black drape on many occasions, then you’re going to want to look into buying it.  Doing some simple math will show you how many times you need to use your drape before it was worth the upfront cost of purchasing your own. Drape may cost less than you think, especially if you are buying it straight from the manufacturer. We find that most of our customers achieve their drape paying for itself within 2 to 3 uses. Buying also eliminates the fees of shipping back and forth every time you need to rent your materials or those sneaky delivery fees. A onetime shipping charge is a lot less daunting than paying additional fees every time you need drape.

Buying your drape also allows you to control the quality. You can take good care of your drape panels and have it looking nice for years without the stress of not knowing what condition the drape you are renting will be in when it arrives. Another perk to owning your drape is that you may be able to rent it out to others; which creates a new revenue stream that will increase the rate your curtain will pay for itself.

If cost is not your primary concern then renting has many perks as well. Often whatever company you rent from will set up and take down your drape for you for an additional fee. They also manage all of the care the drape needs like the occasional wash and dry. Another reason renting might be right for you is if you don’t have your own Pipe and Drape hardware to display your drape or if you don’t have the storage space to keep several panels of drape. Having all of this available can be a lot to juggle if it is your first time using the pipe and drape system.

Overall you have to decide which method is right for you and your business. With so many options out there for buying and renting you have to narrow your choice down to what is most important to you and make a decision based on that. Check out the chart below if you are still not sure what option is most beneficial or call us and we can help you figure it out!

If you decided to go with renting, reach out to us as well and we can introduce you to a preferred provider in your area.

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