fabric care instructions

All Georgia Expo fabric has been tested for flame resistance and has passed the current NFPA 701 Small Scale Test, the California Title 19, Section 1237 Small Scale Test, and Canadian *CAN/ULC-S109-14 Small and Large Scale Flame Test. Additionally, each fabric is registered with the State of California. To preserve the continued performance of your material, drape, and table skirts, you must adhere to the following care instructions.

Georgia Expo fabrics may be machine washed in cold water using a mild liquid detergent. Like colors should be washed together. For best results, add the detergent to the washing machine during filling and before the fabric. Detergent applied directly to the fabric may cause the color to streak. These fabrics may be dried in a conventional clothes dryer using the “Air Only” setting and ironed using a cool iron. These fabrics may shrink significantly if exposed to heat over 120F.

Inherent Decorating Fabrics (I.F.R)

All of our fabrics are Inherently Flame Resistant and will not lose their Flame Retardancy, even after repeated washing. Each of these fabrics has been tested after 25 washes and shows no loss of performance.

Durable Decorating Fabrics (D.F.R)

Durable fabrics have been ame tested after 5 washes and have shown no loss of ame retardancy. If these fabrics are washed more than 5 times, we
recommend you retest our fabric after each washing to ensure continued compliance.

Our Process

First, each new fabric roll is scanned (3 times to get an average for the roll) and sorted according to a shade color indicator. Then, all rolls are analyzed with a computer program to determine which Georgia Expo shade they fall into. Finally, when new shades are made, they are assigned tolerances to ensure that the fabric is a close match to everything within that shade.

Taking the human eye out of the equation and leaving it to the certainty of an algorithm ensures the closest possible shade matches.

We Know Your Needs

We all know dye lots can vary from fabric to fabric (just like your favorite pair of jeans). So, at Georgia Expo, we’ve invested in the latest technology to make sure that you get the closest color shade match from order to order, whether you’re reordering next week or 10 years from now.

· Invoices will have the shade number listed so that when you order in the future we can match your shade.
· You can send us an example of an existing inventory to be scanned. We can then send you examples of the closest available shade for approval.
· All shades are stored and documented so that we can match.

If you are dye lot sensitive, be sure to keep your shade on record to let us know and we can give you the closest possible match. Remember as well, you can always ask for shade samples

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