Eco-Friendly Lighting


Low cost or positive environmental impact: pick one, right? Why not both? All too often we are reminded of the negative affects big business has on our planet. Our latest bright idea combines efficiency, efficacy, cost reduction, and positive change for the environment. As I walked through our warehouse this morning, I noticed a big change that I have to share: over the last week we replaced lighting throughout our warehouse.

We changed our old and inefficient incandescent lights to new high-efficiency industrial fluorescent high bay lights. The new fixtures feature 6 fluorescent lamps instead of a single incandescent bulb. This change reduces energy consumption while providing a brighter and more diffuse light. The greatest thing about the new system is the addition of motion sensors. In the past, our lights were on all day, bathing untouched inventory in expensive, unnecessary light. Now our aisles are only illuminated when a material handler needs access, reducing wasted energy. We estimate a 50% increase in overall brightness and a 20% reduction in energy use. We get to cut costs by shutting off the lights while Mother Nature gets a break from the reduction in wasted energy. Brighter, smarter, and more eco-friendly. What’s not to like?

While walking through the warehouse, it felt as if the natural light from our open dock doors extended throughout the plant, immersing our warehouse in a clean, white light. The change was readily apparent as the electricians installed the new fixtures. It felt warmer; definitely not from temperature, because the new lights produce significantly less heat, but more like the fuzzy feeling you get when the sun brightens your room. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating. Still, I couldn’t help but notice how much brighter it was. Our new fixtures provide more light for our team, lower our operational costs, and reduce our environmental impact. Now that’s a win.

We still offer the best products at the best prices to help you with your trade show and event needs and now we are excited to add positive environmental change to that list. As technology improves, we will continue to marry cost and efficiency to move forward on the path of cleaner, more efficient operations.

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