Are Your Drapes Flame Resistant?

IFR flame resistance

If you’ve purchased drape from Georgia Expo, you can rest assured that they are! Why is that a big deal though? Well safety for one, but also because there are certain standards, regulations, and requirements that states, cities and fire marshals require when setting up drapes in particular venues and facilities.  If you don’t have a valid flame certificate then you could be asked to remove all your drape from a venue immediately.  Make sure that any fabrics you use for events come with a Flame Certificate. As part of the Georgia Expo Difference, we’ve taken the guesswork out of it and made sure that all our drapes meet the industry standard flame testing requirements and most all our event drapes are the highest level, Inherently Flame Resistant (IFR). So rest easy, but if you want to learn more, check out the information below.

There are 3 categories of Flame Resistance.

1. Flame Resistant (FR)- Passed flame testing, NOT washed.
2. Durable Flame Resistant (DFR) -Passed flame testing after 5 washes.
3. Inherently Flame Resistant (IFR)- Passed flame testing after 25 washes.

Our Fabrics:

  • Banjo- Inherently Flame Resistant (IFR)
  • Performance Velour- Inherently Flame Resistant (IFR)
  • Sheer- Inherently Flame Resistant (IFR)
  • Poly Knit- Inherently Flame Resistant (IFR)
  • Poly Premier- Inherently Flame Resistant (IFR)
  • Commando- Durable Flame Resistant (DFR)
  • Duvetyne- Durable Flame Resistant (DFR)
  • Dye Sublimation- Durable Flame Resistant (DFR)


The important thing to know is that although there is a national standard for event fabrics, NFPA 701 and California Small Scale Flame Test, it is not law. Regulations and laws are left to state and local governments to decide for themselves. So, wherever you are taking your drape it’s best to ask the venue ahead of time what their standards are so you are prepared should a Fire Marshall ask you for your certification. That being said, we ship ALL our fabrics with a certified flame certificate that has specific information on your fabric, as well as our information and a registration number.

So we hope that helps with your flame resistant worries, but if you have any more questions feel free to reach out!

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