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Banjo Drape

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Banjo drape is the industry standard for trade show and convention drape.  It’s an open weave fabric with a slight sheen to it.  Industry professionals love to work with banjo because it’s low cost, available in a wide array of colors and most importantly of all, it’s inherently flame resistant.

Even though banjo drape has a lot of great qualities, it also has the reputation for being dye lot sensitive.  Meaning the shade can vary slightly between dye lots.  If you already have banjo drape in your inventory, we are happy to match your dye lot as close as possible.  Just give us a call (1.800.433.9767) and we’ll look up your last order and send you out the closest dye lot match for your approval.  If this is your first order of banjo, we’ll keep you dye lot number on file, and if asked, will match it as close as possible for your next order!

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Banjo Fabric Drape and Its Uses

Watch Amanda Gray, VP of Sales & Marketing, discuss the attributes, applications, and benefits of our Banjo fabric

Amanda Gray, VP of Sales & Marketing • 800-433-9767

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34″ x 48″ (3′ x 4′), 34″ x 144″ (3′ x 12′), 94″ x 48″ (8′), 118″ x 48″ (10′), 142″ x 48″ (12′)


Black, Brown, Burgundy, Champagne, Charcoal, Dove, Dusty Rose, Expo Blue, Forest Green, Gold, Hunter Green, Kelly Green, Margarita, Navy Blue, Orange, Plum, Raspberry, Red, Royal Blue, Silver, Snow White, Teal, Terra Cotta, Violet, White (Off White), Willow, Yellow


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