Month: October 2015

Our People – The Heart of Georgia Expo

Since 1986, Georgia Expo has been making the highest quality Pipe and Drape products. With over 1 million pounds of aluminum processed, and 2 million yards of fabric sewn in a year, for the past 30 years we’ve been showing that you don’t have to sacrifice American jobs or quality to be cost-effective.

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Uplighting with Pipe and Drape…Are You Trying It Yet?

Uplighting is a decorative technique that uses a directed beam of light placed on the ground and aimed to project against a backdrop. The lights can be of any color to create the desired effect, mood or atmosphere, and to generate an elegantly illuminated look and feel to the venue. The technique has been a growing trend among a number of events, but its popularity has definitely surged with weddings. Find the right venue, get the perfect backdrop, decorate appropriately, and watch this technique transform a room.

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