Table Cloths, Table Covers and Table Skirts – What’s the difference?

Tablecloths, Table Covers and Table Skirts – What’s the difference?

Which option is best for me?



This tablecloth is a one-piece cover that you simply throw over your table. It will have a flow in the corners, which you’ll simply tuck under the edge once placed. These are made to order so you can get the exact size you need but they are not fitted. They come in poly premier or custom printed fabric.

Pro: More forgiving when you don’t know what size table you’ll have, you can adjust the length on the front and tuck the corners underneath

Con: The corners will drag on the floor, must be tucked. Could look sloppy if your tablecloth is too big for the table provided

Fitted Table Cover

Fitted Table Cover

Our Fitted Table Covers are a one-piece slip cover with corner pleats, making it both easy and functional for setting up display tables. They are made to fit the exact size of your table for a polished look that won’t slide off. These are also available with an open back. They come in poly premier or custom printed fabric.

Pro: Polished professional look, perfectly sized for your table with nothing dragging on the floor

Con: You can only use for the size of table purchased for. If you go to multiple events, and aren’t sure of the table size, this option is not for you.

Spandex Table Cover


Spandex table covers are the quick and seamless way to cover you table in minutes! These are made to the dimension of your table to provide a sleek and fitted look that can really dress up your table. They simply pull over the top and legs and have reinforced pockets for the feet which hold the cover in place. These are available in select solid colors and custom printed designs.

Pros: Inexpensive, don’t have to worry about wrinkles
Cons: Semi-disposable, may need replacing after a few uses

Table Skirt

Table Skirt

Table skirts are one piece of pleated fabric that is attached to the outside edge of a table either with a table clip or staples. They don’t cover the top of a table so another piece of fabric or vinyl is recommended. These are typically used at convention centers during trade shows but are a great option for making a table look more elegant anywhere. Ours come in poly knit, poly premier, and banjo which are all inherently flame resistant and we can even custom make the height and length of the skirts to fit any table.

Pro: Formal, and traditional look to dress up a table

Con: Takes extra time to skirt the table and requires additional products like Table Toppers/Vinyl Toppers and Table Clips

Table Runner

Table Runner

Table runners come in many types and can be used in even more ways. The sheer runners add a level of elegance to any event when places vertically down the middle of table and twisted to add a whimsical look. On the other side of the spectrum are printed table runners used to advertise or label the use of a table. You can have your logo printed so that when you play it horizontally over your table everyone at the event can see your branding.

Pro: Simple way to brand or dress up your table. Inexpensive and can be thrown over any style OR size Table Skirt or Cover

Con: Small footprint

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