silver 3 to 5 foot uprights

1.5″ Telescoping Upright – Screw In System


Adjusts in one foot increments by pushing in a button and adjusting upward or can be adjusted in between heights using the Locking Clamp. The only 1.5″ telescoping upright available in the market, recommended for companies looking to transition from fixed height to some jobs with telescoping needs up to 14′ high.

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Upright Size Options Quantity Price
3′ – 5′ Traditional 8 + $35.99
6′ – 10′ Traditional 8 + $43.99
7′ – 12′ Traditional 8 + $47.99
8′ – 14′ Traditional 8 + $50.99
3′ – 5′ CastleTop® 10 + $38.99
6′ – 10′ CastleTop® 10 + $46.99
7′ – 12′ CastleTop® 10 + $50.99
8′ – 14′ CastleTop® 10 + $53.99


We are the only company that makes a 1.5″ diam. telescoping upright.  The Screw In System Telescoping Upright has a riveted threaded end at the bottom of the Pipe/Upright. This screws into Base to create one piece.  We recommend this telescoping upright for companies looking to transition from Fixed Height Uprights to telescoping because you can typically utilized your existing Base and may only need to add a Base Weight or Saddle Bag depending on how high you are going.

These Uprights come in four sizes ranging from 3′ to 14′ H. The two-in-one system: Button Lock System and the Locking Clamp Systems provide flexibility to use the same upright for different heights. The Button Lock System has a button lock that slides up and down the pipe in marked one-foot increments and then locks into place. This option is great if you know your Pipe and Drape set up will always be adjusted in one-foot increments. The Locking Clamp System is also great – it allows you to adjust your Upright in-between one-foot increments.

For example, you can set your Upright to eight and a half feet which really gives you a nice range of flexibility. Instructions on how to use the locking clamp ship with the order. The Locking Clamp will ship pre-assembled on the upright.

The Screw-In System is recommended if you are planning on keeping your Pipe and Drape System up for longer periods of time — set up and break down takes a little bit more time than our Slip-Fit System. These Uprights come standard in an aluminum finish, but Black and other Powder Coated finishes are available as an upgrade. Screw In Bases pair with Screw In Uprights. Screw In Bases are standard Black Powder Coat finish.

Now you can also get your uprights the way you want them: Choose the traditional silver look, black anodized, black powder-coated, or add a CastleTop® insert.

The Georgia Expo Difference

  • Cut, punched and finished in our factory, these uprights go through a series of operations on our punch presses to give you exact heights and drape support slots, this also means we can customize your uprights to fit your unique event needs, ask your sales representative for details on customization
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • 4 slots every 90° at the top of the Upright
  • 0.050 wall thickness
  • This is the only 1.5″ diam. telescoping upright available in the industry
  • Solid Steel button stops

3′-5′ Upright pairs with  15″ x 15″ Screw In Base

6′-10′ Upright pairs with 15″ x 15″ Screw In Base or 18″ x 18″ Screw In Base

7′-12′ Upright pairs with  18″ x 18″ Screw In Base

8′-14′ Upright pairs with 18″ x 18″ Screw In Base

*You can also use your existing base plate and pin, for heights over 8′ add a Base Weight or Saddle Bag for additional stability and weight.

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*bases sold separately

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