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Starting in June, Georgia Expo, the Country’s #1 Manufacturing Company of Pipe and Drape, is going to highlight some of our most popular products and give you some advice and tips on how to use it at your summer events. These products are extremely versatile and something that you can get creative with. We hope you enjoy our summer series and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact a Sales Representative at Georgia Expo.

Our Product of the Week is our top selling Poly Knit Table Skirting. It is an affordable option for table skirting and is commonly used at either Conventions and Tradeshows or even Parties and Weddings. Turn a simple venue into something artistic and colorful with our Poly Knit Table Skirting! It can be used to perfectly cover up any boxes or supplies you may have. There is a wide range of over 15 colors to choose from that can easily fit your color scheme. These skirts can be attached with staples or table clips. We go the extra step to ensure durability by adding two rows of stitching, one through the pleat and the other directly on top. They ship easily, coming in a rolled form and have the feel of fine silk. They are sewn to order to your personal specifications. You can always ask for free fabric samples as well ( just click here).

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