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Suwanee, GA (October 21, 2015) – Georgia Expo, America’s largest Pipe and Drape manufacturer, is proud to announce the release of A new division of the company, along with a brand new website, will be dedicated to the art of printing on fabric.

All products and packages on the site use the science of dye sublimation, the process that converts solid dye directly to a gas and uses intense heat to vaporize the image into the fibers of the fabric. The result is a crisp, permanent, and photo-realistic image free of the pixelation of standard printing. Services that utilize this type of product often include step-and-repeat banners, press release backdrops, places of worship, wedding backgrounds, and companies wishing to display images of their logo or products at trade shows or in show rooms. Users can simply upload an image file on the website to then be converted to a custom fabric backdrop. will launch with two main products: Fabric Backdrops (Any Size) and the Custom Exhibit Backdrop kit. The Fabric Backdrop allows the customer’s needs and creativity take control. Users upload their file, input a height and width, and choose a finishing option such as grommets or pole pockets. Using dye sublimation, the image will be printed onto the fabric backdrop. The Custom Exhibit Backdrop (CEB) kit includes a custom fabric backdrop but with added hardware and the capability of storage, transportation, and setup. Designed specifically for the trade show industry, the CEB kit gives you all the necessary tools to attach to any backdrop system.

“The progression into printed fabric and fabric backdrop printing was a natural one,” says Amanda Gray, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, “We’re excited because printed fabrics have such a huge range of applications for a number of markets, in the trade show industry and outside of it as well. Custom backdrops really can be used by anyone who needs a great way to display.” Additional products such as dye sublimated fitted table covers, table runners, and photography backgrounds are planned to be added in the future.

Dye Sublimation

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Kevin Schultze, Internet Marketing Specialist
Georgia Expo