top slot upright

Top Slot


This piece slides in the top of your Upright providing four traditional slots and an additional 4 half slots used to make your Drape Support lay flush and eliminate any top bumps in your drape wall.  It can also be used as a repair piece for damaged uprights.

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1.5″ for Fixed Height 20 + $6.99
2″ for 2-piece Slip Collar 20 + $6.99
2″ for 3-piece Slip Collar 20 + $6.99

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Top Slots allow our Drape Supports to lay flush with the top of the upright, resulting in a smooth, even transition from upright to drape support. This results in a nice clean drape line across the top of your back drop and ELIMINATES THE BUMP! They can be added to our 1.5” fixed height and 2” Slip Collar telescoping uprights and feature (4) four standard slots and an additional (4) slots (1/2 the length of the standard slots), cut from the top.  These piece can also be used as a replacement part for torn slots.  Simply cut off your torn slots and use this as a repair piece.

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1.5" for Fixed Height, 2" for 2-piece Slip Collar, 2" for 3-piece Slip Collar