Softwall Kit

Portable Room Divider (Taut Pipe and Drape)

The economical alternative to accordian walls or portable room dividers.  Flat-panel, Pipe and Drape walls where the fabric is secured top and bottom and doesn’t allow for pass-through traffic. Pick from multiple widths using the drop-downs below.

After making your selections, the correct amount of hardware, drape panels (optional), and the price will automatically be updated. From there, review your order and hit the ADD TO CART button to purchase.

Drape panels are not automatically included in kit and must be selected.


This Portable Room Divider Kit is made using Pipe and Drape.  It is an alternative to Accordion Walls or Portable Room Dividers.  Its key feature is that unlike traditional Pipe and Drape Backdrops, this kit secures the fabric panel to the frame at the top and bottom so traffic can not pass through.  It’s a much more affordable option to folding walls, and a common complaint is once the paneling on the folding walls is damaged there’s not a good way to bring them back to life.  The Pipe and Drape alternative solution is not only priced right but the drape panels can be easily replaced if  need be.

This pipe and drape kit includes all the hardware and drape you need for an inline row of taut walls. Utilize our non-adjustable, fixed height 8’ uprights, 16” x 14” bases, and telescoping 6-10’ drape support to create a back wall 8ft high and 6′ to 600′ wide depending on your needs and choose your color Poly Premier.

Now you can also get your uprights the way you want them: Choose the traditional silver look, black anodized, or add a CastleTop® insert.

Want something custom? Need help choosing the package that’s right for you? We can accommodate! Give us a quick call at 800-433-9767 and one of our sales reps will be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for or create a custom kit for you.

When purchasing a kit larger than 10 feet, please review our PDF on inline vs. freestanding backdrops to make sure you get the appropriate amount of hardware.

**All of Georgia Expo fabrics ship with a Flame Certificate. We test to NFPA 701, CA Title 19 Small Scale, CAN NFPA 705 and CAN/ULC-S109-14

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