8’ H x 6′ – 10’ W Canopy w/ Top Hardware


1.5" Fixed Height Uprights - Slip Fit System × 4

This is the most popular and economical upright option in the industry standard for trade show booth set-ups and back wall.


Premier Drape Support × 4

Telescoping Drape Support designed to hang your Drape Panels or banners.  This is our most durable model, featuring steel hook-ends held into place with two rivets on each end.

6' - 10'

Slip-Fit Base 16" x 14" × 6

16" x 14″ Bases come standard with a 3″ high pin.  Made from galvanized, 8 Ga. steel and features a stacking slot and 3 pin placement holes on each base.  These bases are recommended to pair with uprights up to 8′ H.

1.5" x 3"

Universal Drape Support Clamp × 4

Attaches to any upright to create a versatile, three-way connection for additional drape supports off your existing framework. Multi-functional, this is a must for your tool kit. Perfect for drape layering, making display drape taught, or creating different heights on one set-up.

*Sold individually
$12.99 / pc.

Additional information

1.5" Fixed Height Uprights - Slip Fit System



Premier Drape Support


Slip-Fit Base 16" x 14"

Pin Size



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