1.5″ x 6′ – 10′ H x 20′ W LCB Kit Hardware


1.5″ Telescoping Upright – Slip Fit System × 3

Adjusts in one foot increments by pushing in a button and adjusting upward or can be adjusted in between heights using the Locking Clamp. The only 1.5" telescoping upright available in the market, recommended for companies looking to transition from fixed height to some jobs with telescoping needs up to 10' high.

For more information about CastleTop®, see our video!


Premier Drape Support × 2

Telescoping Drape Support designed to hang your Drape Panels or banners.  This is our most durable model, featuring steel hook-ends held into place with two rivets on each end.

6' - 10'

Slip-Fit Base 18" x 18" × 3

18" Bases come standard with a 6" high pin.  Made from galvanized, 8 Ga. steel and features a stacking slot, carrying handle and 5 pin placement holes on each base.  These bases are recommended to pair with uprights up to 12' H.


Additional information

1.5″ Telescoping Upright – Slip Fit System


Traditional, CastleTop®

Premier Drape Support


Slip-Fit Base 18" x 18"

Pin Size

Standard, Edge Protector, Black Powder Coated, Black Powder Coated w/ Edge Protector


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