Pipe and Drape for Trade Show Decorators

pipe and drape trade show
Banjo Drape

Banjo Drape

Banjo is recognized as the industry standard for convention drape because of its low cost and inherently flame resistant characteristics.

Trade Show Decorators – We Got What you Need, When You Need it

For over 30 years, Georgia Expo has been helping Trade Show Decorators build and maintain their show inventory with quality products. As long time members of Exhibit Services & Contractors Association (ESCA) we understand the challenges you face. You need a “partner” you can rely on to get you WHAT you need, WHEN you need it, at the most competitive price.

You are guaranteed access to hundreds of high quality trade show products that decorate, define and organize trade show spaces, quick turnaround times, and the most competitive, wholesale prices.

pipe and drape trade show
pipe and drape trade show

Extensive Inventory of Pipe and Drape Products

You need to replace some of your uprights? No problem. You need an additional 50 black banjo drape panels? We got you covered. We are the only supplier in the U.S. that manufactures both the trade show hardware and fabric under one roof. This means we control the quality of the product from raw material to finished good and can guaranty you the best possible price AND turnaround time (which we all know is invaluable in the trade show business.) Because of our extensive manufacturing capabilities we can also match your existing inventory, no matter where you purchased it in the past, to help you fill in those last minute needs, quickly and easily.

Superior Customer Service and Support

We build relationships with our trade show decorator customers. We know you by name, we know what you order, when you order and customize our sales experience accordingly. We know your time is valuable and it’s important that we know your account inside and out so we can foresee any potential problems, like dye lot matching or part compatibility. This ensures that your inventory is consistent from order to order and from location to location.

pipe and drape manufacturers

Competitively Priced Products to Fit Any Budget

We’re all in this business to make money, right? We price our products very competitively so you can make higher margins on each and every show. Higher margins means growth for your business, in turn, means you will purchase more from us. It’s a win-win! We’ve also made the buying process convenient for you. You can call in and talk to a live person or view your wholesale online, we have a price level designed specifically for companies like you that purchase in bulk.

Savings on Shipping

Conveniently located just 30 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia, one of the largest transportation hubs in the southeast, and 45 miles east of the Dalton, Georgia, carpet capital of the U.S., Georgia Expo is positioned to take advantage of great shipping rates and pass them on to our customers. Whether you are east coast or west coast, we shop multiple freight rates to get you the quickest shipping at the most economical price.

Georgia Expo understands that you need quality, quickly and easily, at the best possible price. That is why we have a dedicated sales team specifically trained to service the unique challenges of Trade Show Decorators. Call us at 1-800-433-9767, or email at Sales@GeorgiaExpo.com.