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Happy Earth Day 2014 from Georgia Expo

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Georgia Expo would like to wish everyone a very happy Earth Day 2014!  Although this holiday often gets overlooked, it is actually the largest secular holiday in the world- and with good reason. Each and every one of us is a steward of this planet and should act like (companies included).

We at Georgia Expo have been doing things “Green” for quite a while. We would like to let you know that we are helping do our part and would like to share HOW we are doing this. Many companies state they are “Green” but have little or no evidence to support that. We DO!

Georgia Expo Green Products:

Our 20lb and 30lb Base Weights are made from recycled rubber! This also makes them 100% recyclable although they are made to last a lifetime and shouldn’t need to be disposed of unless you no longer need them.

Our Disposable Waste Containers are also a very green product. These are made from 100% recycled cardboard and the liner bags are 100% bio degradable. The containers are dyed using a soy based organic ink as well!  The only thing that would harm the earth from these babies would be the trash put in them.

The Georgia Expo packaging process is also a green part of our business. We recycle our fabric drops and re-use them as packaging material. This is a great way to re-purpose material that would typically be thrown away.

Our manufacturing process also supports a clean earth through our recycling program. We recycle ALL scraps of aluminum, steel, and all other metals used in the production of our high quality metal products, such as bases and uprights.

The office staff at Georgia Expo also helps to do it’s part through our paper conservation initiative. We have a nearly paper-free office that is possible through:

i.      We use DocuSign for order processing to eliminate paper

ii.      We email all invoices instead of printing and mailing

iii.      Eco-friendly kitchen facility with re-usable drinking glasses, dishes and utensils

iv.      Water in door refrigerators and water fountains to eliminate water bottle waste

v.      We have timer lights and HVAC

Happy Earth Day from Georgia Expo!