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Clearance – 2″ Telescoping Upright Button Lock & Locking Clamp – Slip Fit

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2″ Telescoping Upright Button Lock and Locking Clamp

The Telescoping Locking Clamp System gives you the flexibility to adjust Pipe & Drape frameworks to any height by simply placing the Locking Clamp on the desired height on the Pipe and clamping down. This options provides the flexibility to adjust to any desired height. It also features a button lock system which locks into place using a steel button in one foot increments. You can easily adjust this upright between button stops by simply turning the inside pipe the the right, bypassing the stops, and when you reach the desired height, turn back the the left and lock into place The Locking Clamp ships with detailed instructions.


Our 2in diameter Telescoping Upright Pipes pair with our 2in Slip Fit Bases. For upright up to 14ft use our light duty 18″ or 24″ bases and for uprights up to 20ft use our heavy duty 18″ or 24″ bases. If you still would like some extra stability, you can always add our base weight for more support.

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10ft-18ft, 12ft-20ft, 6ft – 10ft, 7ft – 12ft, 8ft – 14ft, 9ft – 16ft


Black Powder Coated


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