Screw In System

  • “The Space Saver” because the bases stack compactly on top of one another.
  • Method of attachment is a threaded portion at the bottom of the upright screws into a threaded hole on the base.

Slip Fit System

  • “The Time Saver” because slip fit pipe and drape can be set up and broken down very rapidly.
  • Method of attachment is the upright slips over a pin that sits pointing up from the base.


The Screw In System is the original standard in pipe and drape. For many years this was the only option available. It is very easy to store because the bases stack closely on top of one another, creating a very small footprint when the product is put away.


The Slip Fit System was developed in response to customer demand for a pipe and drape product that can be set up and broken down very quickly for high traffic, constantly shifting venues and the decorators/contractors who serve them. In this setup the uprights quickly slot over the pin on the base allowing the user to rapidly set up or remove their product.


Today, the slip fit system is our best-seller. Both configurations are used by customers of all sizes and types but they tend to have specific requirements pushing them to use one over the other.


The Screw In System is better for customers for whom one or more of the following is true:

  • Do not have to move or reconfigure the installation frequently.
  • Have strict space limitations for storage.
  • Already have an extensive inventory of Screw In System components.


Customers use the Screw In System for many different things. Examples include:

  • Small business such as a photographer using a Screw In System back wall as a backdrop setup.
  • Photobooth rental companies.
  • Venue owner who does not frequently alter his hall from a standard configuration.
  • Party Rental store with limited space for pipe and drape storage.


The Slip Fit System is better for customers who:

  • Are more constrained by time limitations before and after events
  • Have ample storage space


The Slip Fit System is the system of choice for customers who are on a time crunch. Customers such as:

  • Party Rental companies who set up events for customers for single-day and other short term events at locations with strict setup/removal times.
  • Heavily booked venues that offer pipe and drape setups to their customers.
  • Trade show decorators/contractors who are required to quickly load in and load out for closely spaced bookings.